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What is a Legal Information Professional?

Legal Information Professionals can work in many different areas of the law. They may be academic law librarians, information officers in a law firm, librarians in a court service or government department, knowledge managers or document and record managers.

Legal Information Professionals find material and information from a variety of sources. These include: electronic online databases (for information ranging from legislation to company or financial information); print resources such as text books, reference books and law reports; journals and other documents both internal and external to the organisation in which they work.

The Legal Information Professional has a vital role within their organisation and must be able to combine many skills. They need to have an excellent grasp of current affairs, a working knowledge of IT and how to exploit it, and an interest in the law.

They also need good communication and people skills. Management skills (such as project management, budgeting and staff management) are a key to their career progression.